Other View are a Heavy Metal band founded in 2003. Initially, the band mainly focused on making classic/power metal music but it has, since then undergone many stylistic changes that have been the result of experience, maturity and major changes in its lineup. The group still presents the main features founders Lon HaWk and Steve Van have always impressed onto the project: powerful, dramatic, melodic vocals, hard, strong, fast guitar riffs and well researched lyrics which aim to explore aspects usually untouched by the Metal genre.

The arrival of Drummer Giacomo Bizzarrini has given a distinct “progressive” influence to the band’s sound, this is particularly appreciable in more recent songs, especially in their instrumental parts. Second guitarist Francesco Tuscano, has instead contributed to a more varied guitar style.

The recent arrival of bass player Antonio La Selva and of keyboard player Matteo “Vidar” Cidda, the band has undergone a further renewal of its methods, adopting a more refined, modern sound which, though still coherent with its original root, is somewhat more in-tune with a time in which identification with a specific branch of Metal or Rock music, is at risk of being anachronistic.

The evolution is clearly marked by the band’s latest album “Going Nowhere”, out in January 2013, which includes all the main milestones of this musical progression. From the classic “In A Tower Of Lies”, to the progressive influences of “Rebirth”, through softer, less niche works such as “Balder’s Dreams”, whose video, published on the band’s youtube channel 22otherview, has been viewed and appreciated on a worldwide scale. In the autumn of 2013 “Exile” the album’s opening track, was selected to be part of the official soundtrack of the videogame “Path Of Exile”, thus ganing fame among the game’s 4 milion players.

In February 2014 the band announced work had begun on their next album, the details of which will be revealed during the year.